In The News
In-Plan Rollovers to Designated
Roth Accounts
Published on the IRS website Oct. 1,
2010, the new In-Plan Rollovers to
Designated Roth Accounts rule permits
a participant eligible for distribution to
convert some or all of their current
balance from pre-tax to Roth without
taking a distribution from the Plan. Only
Plans that offer Roth 401(k) option may
add this discretionary provision and the
converted amount is subject to the
participant's normal tax rates.
DOL EFAST2 Website for Filing
Form 5500
Beginning for Plan Year starting in
2009, all Form 5500's must be filed
electronically.  Click here to visit the
new DOL website for electronic filing of
Form 5500.
DOL Finalizes Fee & Expense
Transparency Rules to
October 14, 2010, the DOL published
the final rules on transparency of fees
and expenses to plan participants. In
most cases, plans will need to comply
with the new rules by January 1, 2012